Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Carnations from Flower Arrangement

Struggling now for going on two months with this art slump I'm in, I managed to work this digital painting.  I tried a week or so ago to do some sketching but just couldn't force myself to accomplish anything.  This morning I woke up and actually felt that "itch" to do something as I looked at the bouquet of flowers Terry brought me last Sunday.  Still not ready to deal with watercolor, I grabbed my Ipad to work this illustration.

Love the color in these carnations!!  And they have such a nice fragrance to them, as well.  Other flowers in the arrangement include tiger lilies and various color mums. 

For a change, I didn't overthink things resulting in my feeling overwhelmed by all the petal details....I just jumped in and started adding color and blending. 

Procreate Digital Painting / Airbrush Med and Soft brush tools

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