Sunday, May 14, 2017

Leesburg Art League Open Studio Friday - May 12, 2017

Friday was a fun day at our art league's Open Studio Friday.  Lee Kline gave a presentation on keeping sketchbooks / artist journals sharing examples, tips, and ideas to the group.  We had a great discussion with several asking questions.

There were four tables set up with sketches and journals that three of us brought in to share.  The folks spent a good bit of time sitting at the tables and flipping through the examples we brought in.

Lee is a retired graphics art designer.

Susan comes from a family of professional artists.  Two of those tables included Susan's father's sketches and journals that he kept many years ago.  He didn't believe in cameras and sketched everything to include people he rode with everyday on the subway.  He also produced illustrations and lettering/logos for many businesses

Me...........just a hobbyist who enjoys sketching...........ha ha

Here is a quick sketch of this special day.

Hand sewn journal / Plat Carbon desk pen and used a waterbrush for this one.

Sketch Outing with Friends - Lone Oak Cemetery

Three of us went to Leesburg oldest cemetery called Lone Oak Cemetery to sketch.  This cemetery is full of history dating way back.

One of the stones we came across is marked George Alfred Widdas - supposedly Bill Cody and Annie Oakley's gunsmith.

New Mini Stuffed Animal - Kipling Monkey Keychain

I'm such a sucker for these miniature animals.  A lady at our Leesburg Art League showed me a bag she has that she uses as her handbag and what she uses to carry some of her art supplies in when going out sketching.  Her bag is the Kipling Defea Bag (which I have on order now as well).

One of the things that intrigued me about this line of handbags is the little monkey  that comes with all their bags.  I found this keychain by the same company on Amazon and received it a few days ago. I had to get this one being it's the Sunshine State we moved to three years ago :-)

S&B Beta journal / Micron 01

(and yes his poor hand is twisted backwards in the little clear plastic box it comes in)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bookbinding - Make your Own - AWESOME Instructional Video

In the tab above the blog feed labeled "Bookbinding", I have posts that cover this include Sea Lemon's YouTube videos I used to make my first hand sewn journals.

In addition to my favorite videos by Sea Lemon, I found and purchased the following DVD.  Slow paced and very easy to follow step by step to include advanced steps that might strike your fancy...all wrapped up in one video.

For a preview of this DVD, it can be found at the following:

On The Air Video / Bookbinding
YouTube / Croquis Cafe / Bookbinding:  A Traditional Technique

To purchase, you can do so directly via the link taking you to On The Air Video / Bookbinding (above) or through Amazon.

Run-time of the DVD is about an hour.

Sketchcrawl May 9, 2017 - Sumter Landing Square

Yesterday we met up again at Sumter Landing Square.  It seems to be a favorite for a lot of people due to all the shops, theme props centered around lake activities (such as fishing, boating, etc.) and just a beautiful place to spend time at.

I was really surprised by how busy it was at 9 a.m. in the morning.  It was difficult finding a parking spot close to the center of the square and people were everywhere.

Our group was to meet under a covered picnic area next to the radio station.  There were eight of us who ended up showing with one new person who didn't know us nor did we know to look for her.  So there were actually nine total.

For me it was an off day.  Was struggling to settle on something to sketch.  Due to the busy activity all around with people walking by, I found myself a little on edge, which I'm sure played a part in my not being able to settle.  I think I spent most of my time walking around trying to find a quiet solitude spot.

There was a tugboat I wanted to sketch but with it being so breezy, it wouldn't sit still long enough for me to really get started.  After a few attempts, I gave up and walked back to where we originally met up.

There were several tables taken up by that time with bike cyclists.  I debated sitting there off to the side but wanted to sketch several of the things hanging under ceiling beams, support posts, and along one outer wall of the radio station.  So I took a deep breath and sat down focusing on capturing some of those items............taking notice now and then some of the cyclists glancing over at me making me feel a bit uneasy.  I'm still not quite there feeling totally comfortable sketching in public but I'm working on that.

Here is the page I managed to do before taking my leave.  I ended up leaving at least 30 minutes early passing up meeting the others for lunch.

S&B Beta / Platinum Carbon desk pen

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sketchcrawl May 6th - Unknown Bird Type

This is a sketch worked from a photo I took during the sketchcrawl yesterday at Elizabeth Evens Park in Mount Dore.  I have no idea what type of bird this is but wondering if in the Jay family due to the markings around the eye.  And also due to the blue in the body.  Maybe a female scrub or blue jay?

Working from my photo, I decided to do some practicing using the grid method rather than totally free-handing the pencil sketch.

Here are the steps I took:

Opened my photo in Photoshop Elements with grid view set up.  I like using the largest grid I can get away with so not to have too many blocks on paper to deal with.

In Journal (Stillman & Birn Beta), created a grid using very light pencil.  Then viewing the photo on screen, I placed little tick marks where each part of the bird intersected a grid line and also a few inside each block for prominent areas to help when line sketching.

Connecting the tick marks, I lightly sketched the bird.  (pencils lines darkened for illustration purposes)

Went over in ink using a Platinum Carbon desk pen and Lexy Gray ink.  Waited for the ink to totally dry and started erasing the grid lines.

Cleaned up erasing all pencil marks/lines.

Wet in wet, started adding color.  Used Black, Indigo, and Burnt Umber (all Daniel Smith watercolors)

The painting process for the rest of the bird was Indigo wet in wet, darkening some areas (under feathers) by dropping or brushing in Indigo as the paper was drying........still damp enough to bleed a little.

Once the Indigo was dry, I started dry brushing and blending Black.  Also added a little Bt Umber in the head at the top where the top of the wing overlaps.

After completely dry, gently brushed plain water in some areas of the back (randomly) and added a light glaze of the Burnt Umber.

Also lightly brushed water into the head and dropped a little Indigo making sure I didn't disturb the underlying colors (and lighter areas) already there.

I could have gone darker with maybe another glaze or two but it's been my experience that S&B paper to pill if too wet or too many layers applied with all the brushing.

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