Monday, October 24, 2016

Still Playing with the Sailor Fude Pen 55

This page was worked in the Global Arts "" journal.  The pages have a slight toothy or vellum like feel to them compared to paper like hot press, bristol smooth or cartridge paper.

Using the Sailor Fude pen is really a lot of fun when working least for me.  Even when I don't get the angle of the nib down just right, even the slightest mark on paper fits with the texture of trunks and branches.

I think the more I play with this pen, the better control I'll eventually achieve.  I just love the fact a single nib can produce all the variations seen here.

(From photo taken a couple years ago while still living in West Virginia.)

I Am Sooooo Bad!!

Yesterday my husband, one of my sons, and I went out on the lake boating and fishing.  We've been waiting to go back out on the water after the super hot weather and rainy season eased up.  A cold front moved in across the United States bringing snow up in the northern part of the States and helped cool things down as far south as Florida.

Due to this cold front, the last couple of nights the temperature dropped fairly low..........definitely for those acclimated to the Florida heat and humidity.  I personally welcome it but a few of my family members have been here long enough they tend to think 70s is cold.

Side Note:  Now WAS quite chilly but we had to tease him a little.   And I just HAD to do this little sketch I thought of while out on the water for his benefit :-)

Using my miniature bear as a model, I worked this quick sketch in my notebook representing my son as a memory of our day out.  And this only shows a wee part of what he did to stay warm as we skirted across the lake and fished all morning long.

Pen used - Micron 03

Sunday, October 23, 2016

2016 Inktober - Days 23 and 24

I'm working with a new pen that although fun to use, it definitely is creating a few extra challenges over and above the fact I'm using only pen and ink for the Inktober Challenge (no pencil guidelines).

In all honesty, I'm surprised I'm still at this but only about a week left to go.  Some people work well with committing to challenges like this.  They may welcome that "I've got to get this done" feeling to help motivate them.  I can't exactly say I feel that way.  I sketch or paint when the mood strikes and my brain and motivation has a tendency to shut down with the thoughts I HAVE to do something.

Anyways........I'm using a Sailor Fude which is a bent nib at 55 degrees.  Depending upon how you hold the pen (angle), determines line width.  Right now I'm finding it a bit of a challenge to control or know where the nib is on paper with the ink flow until it's too late and mark on paper.

Day 23 - From a photo taken back in 2010 during my two week stay with Clare and her family in the United Kingdom.

Normally I shy away from real dark values or areas like you see, but trying to take advantage and try it with this pen and the black ink that comes with it.  My problem is really knowing where to apply the heavier lines and it look right.  There's an art to Drawing and Inking (like with comics) and not something I know too much about.

Day 24 - (Worked this close enough to midnight to call it Day 24)

Sketched from a photo taken weekend before last while on the sketchcrawl at Brownwood Paddock Square.  Again using the Sailor Fude pen.  

All I can say is hmmmmmm............not sure how I feel about it and was relieved to call it done.  Seeing it on screen, I could go back and add some more darker areas (maybe to help balance it a bit more to my own liking) but this is one I just want to call it finished and plan for the next sketch.

I really missed being able to lightly sketch things in first with pencil but I'm sticking with my own rule with this Inktober Challenge of using straight pen and ink.  The challenges I dealt with on this one were:

1)  The sign and what's supposed to be a cows head (looks more like a poodle's head with horns) 
2)  Where and how much to put real dark heavy line marks, 
3)  Getting the right angle with the nib to paper to put down the thickness of marks at any given time, and
4)  I had trouble working over the gutter with the pen.  Either it grabbed the ink off the nib or it wouldn't do anything at all.

Seven more days to go questioning how on earth I actually worked Brenda Swenson's 75 Day Challenge (using pen and ink only) a few years ago!!  :-)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

2016 Inktober Challenge - Day 22

With this one I just started sketching one of the flowers in a small arrangement sitting on my desk.  I really had no plan.

The small flower arrangement replaces (almost identical) a live arrangement Terry gifted me with and of course started fading after several days.  I was fortunate to find a little artificial group at Hobby Lobby that had same type of flowers and even the coloring or close to it.

Getting back to the sketch, I started out with one of the daisies.  Then added partials of two others.  I didn't want to include leaves as they are too far down in the arrangement to look right at the angle I was sketching the daisies.  I sat for awhile trying to decide what to do as the little grouping I was working on was smack dab center of my journal page.

I added some dark scribbling to suggest a darker type flower mixed in.  Still wasn't satisfied so I added more partial daisies trying to work my way to the right of the page (as you view it).  When I sat back and looked, it looked too boxy for my liking.  I could have added another daisy up top but I wanted to maintain an odd again, I had to sit and think where do I want to go from here and how do I go about it.

Finally I finished the page and this is what I chose to do to finish it off....

Plat Carbon desk pen

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