Friday, February 24, 2017

Simon Seed Continued

Another page worked in my journal covering Thursday's outing at Simon Seed Garden Center in Leesburg, FL

I could possibly fill several pages of little illustrations sharing various things from this place.......from old time farm equipment to plants, to birds and I believe there's a rabbit there as well.

As I go through my photos taken, I realize I need to go back and take more.  My camera decided to first run out of battery juice but found I did bring a spare with me. Thought I was good to go only.......what happens????  I get a message on my screen that the memory card is full. Oh well, gives me a good excuse to go back (not that I really need one.)

Worked in the Hand Sewn journal with Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper

Lamy Safari fountain pen with Noodler's Lexington Gray ink.

Sketch Crawl - Simons Seed and Garden Center

Yesterday several met up at Simons Seed in Leesburg to sit and sketch for a few hours.  Most of the folks were from the Leesburg Art League / Leesburg Art Association with a few of us from Lines and Puddles (group out of The Villages)

The owners of this establishment were very accommodating and have no problem with folks coming to sketch or paint or even take photos to work from.  Inside you'll find various garden supplies and lots of seed displayed in various locations.  Outside is a covered porch where caged birds (like the Macaw) spend their time as well as many gorgeous plants and flowers you can purchase.  Off and surrpounding the porch is a beautiful landscaped area including a little pond, potted plants you can purchase, a few old time pieces of equipment, and even a chicken coup with a few chickens inside.  A nice quiet and relaxing atmosphere to set up and work your art.

While others were seated or walking around sketching, I took photos.  Although I had my sketching gear with me in the car, it was just one of those days I preferred to take photos, go home, and start working in my journal.  I hope to do a few more after this one.

For my first page or two, I decided to document one of the main sources of what this shop is all about..........seed.

Hand Sewn Journal / Fabriano Art wc paper
Lamy Safari / LG ink

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Legs and Feet/Shoes

A couple areas I find I'm weak in or find extremely challenging are rendering legs (to depict coming or going) and peoples' feet/shoes.  Especially on a small scale working in some of my sketchbooks.

Thought I would practice a bit by breaking down and only concentrating on legs and feet/shoes.

Stillman & Birn Beta 3.5 x 5.5 sketchbook
Pilot Prera fountain pen with Lexy Gray ink

The left two I worked first.  The guy's shoes are really too small for his body and I lost focus when trying to capture the pattern in his shoes.  With the little girl's shoes...........just not quite there (to my eyes) but haven't quite spotted what it is that looks off to me.

The right turned out better and I think I even caught the bend in her left leg with the shadowing and slight angle plus the way the shoe looks on bottom.

UPDATE 02/24/17:  Adding another here I worked for today in the same lines practicing legs and feet.

Why You Should Carry a Sketchbook

This is an article from The Huffington Post that was shared on Facebook last year and again posted by Cathy Johnson in her Artists Journal Workshop Facebook group this morning.  Thought others might enjoy reading this if they haven't seen it already.

9 Things That Happens When You Carry a Sketchbook Nonstop

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pen Pouch - Continuous Line

After working a couple of pages of blind and seeing continuous line exercises, I decided to try an actual watercolor sketch using the continuous line concept.  I did so after going back to Brenda Swenson's site and re-reading all posts related to the continuous line approach.  I've always liked how hers look.

From her posts I also decided to try using a Tombow marker pen to work the ink sketch to allow it to bleed into the watercolor wash as I painted.  Here are my results.

The one thing I need to work on is not feeling the need to go back filling in gaps that would be created by not going back over previous lines.  It's a natural tendency on my part to "complete" the line sketch.

The other area I need to work on is making sure as I move from one end to the other, not to leave out any areas that would cause me to have to re-trace my steps over previously laid ink lines.

Now this sketch I really enjoyed.

Worked on Saunders watercolor paper

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