Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Hummer for Sandy

I love these guys!!!!  I can sit for hours on end watching and photographing them!  And I'm enjoying recording on paper with pencil too :-D

I took several photos of this little guy close to dark a few evenings ago.  He's sitting on the perch of this feeder and it's almost like he's saying "Hi" to me.  He's very vocal too with a chirp here and there as if talking to me.  Unlike the other two.....one being quiet and very shy and the other with his quick excited chirp as if to scold me for being there.

Here are links to my "tools of the trade" mentioned above for those who might like to check them out.

The Hand-book Artist Journal

Derwent Water Soluble Sketch Pencils


Spiritartartist said...

What are you saying here Susan, "AS IF TALKING TO YOU". Get real! OF COURSE they are talking to you. Your pencil technique is really developing and getting quite refined. I like the softness of this vs. your pen work. (Just my opinion.) Well done!

Spiritartartist said...

P.S. What does this Derwent Light Wash (HB) mean? (See- I do enlarge your images.) Tony Couch once called me a gagiteer, but I think you are a mediumteer. :-D

Susan Bronsak said...

Sandy, I love graphite over pen any day. I think one can do more with a pencil than with pen but then again there are artists out there who can work magic with the pen. I'm just not one of them ;-D

I have placed two links above in the main post at the bottom taking you to the sketchbook I'm using and the pencils I love. I tend to just use the Light Wash (HB) rather than grabbing for the other softer pencils in the set.

And nothing wrong with being a gagiteer. I can relate in many ways to that. And I'm a reference bookaholic who can't have too many reference books. I've outgrown shelving space and now resorting to ebooks. I bet I have more on my shelves than one of the biggest libraries in my State (if not maybe a few other states).

Spiritartartist said...

So do you add water to the pencil?

Susan Bronsak said...

Honestly......I haven't done that with these pencils beyond creating a simple chart showing difference between dry and wet. I use these when lightly penciling in what I want to paint in watercolor because it dissolves. I'll have to try that now that you've mentioned it.

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