Saturday, June 18, 2011

Holbein Gouache Color Chart

It's going to be a little while before I can really share my thoughts or feelings using these pigments versus watercolor. 

Right off the one thing I really notice with these is you can "feel" the heaviness when applying to paper.  No surprise considering their opaqueness. 

One other would take a real heavy application for these to cover, fix a passage or hide an error if using white or other light colors.  At least not with the Holbein.  The white barely hid the light pencil mark of the flower shape.  And if one painted over the covered area this gouache covered, the pigment would "reactivate" and mix with what ever you applied on top.

This chart was done in my Hand-book journal sketch book.  I'm sure the pigment will behave a bit differently on true watercolor paper....especially paper that is heavily sized.  This journal book paper is truly for sketching and absorbs water/pigment quickly.

My note (in case you can't read it) deals with vehicle separation when squeezing color from the tubes.  An * was placed next to those pigments this showed up in.  Been a long time since I've dealt with that.  I had problems with vehicle separation in some of the Winsor & Newton watercolor pigments as well as other brands but I don't recall experiencing that with the Daniel Smith line.

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