Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Lonely Daisy - A Survivor

Yesterday walking the field I happened to notice this one white little daisy popping up from the ground.  We had just mowed last week on a low cut and amazed that this little guy managed to survive the blades. 

Not the type daisy one would purchase at a garden center.........these are definitely a wild weed type variety that spreads by runners (or so it seems).

This was done using the Stabilo watercolor pens (primarily black with a touch of green) and small waterbrush in my Hand-book sketchbook.  I am finding I really like the texture of the paper in this book especially for this type of work. 

And I definitely prefer using water soluble pens to standard ink pens simply because I can add form and tone with a little water and brush rather than hatching or other means used with other pens and permanent inks. This method just seems to work better for me.

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