Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Adorable Fun-Loving Brat Dog - Ms Miya

Miya is a yorki-poo mix we got when she was seven weeks old.  She will be three this year.

Talk about a dog with spunk and personality!!!  She is such a joy to have.  She's lovable and so full of playful energy.  Hope she never loses that playfulness.  We call her our brat dog but that's meant in a loving way :)

Miya is my companion while hubby is away each week due to his job.  I would be so lost without her.  And she's one that can make people laugh with her antics.  One of her all time favorite activities is bobbing for ice cubes in a bowl of water.  You can see and hear her blow bubbles as she goes after the ice cubes.  She will pick one out at a time until all are sitting on the floor beside the bowl.  And there they will sit and melt because the game is over once all ice cubes are retrieved.  Although, once in awhile she might bat at one to make it slide across the floor and she go after it.

 This quick sketch was while she was sitting in my lap trying to get my husband's attention who was sitting across from me.  I knew I had to be quick because it was just a matter of time she'd move or jump down.  And sure enough she jumped down to go physically make hubby aware she was calling on him to pay attention to her.

A mechanical pencil was used for this sketch.

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