Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Flower Sketches

Something dawned on me this morning as I stood outside sketching these flowers.  Somewhere along the line I've undergone a transition and I honestly can't say when this happened.

For the longest time I would only draw and paint from photographs.........never on the spot "live."  I just felt photographs were easier for me rather than from live models.  I've challenged myself on various occasions to try using a live model but I would always fall back on photos as my preference.

What I've taken note of this morning is the fact I'm doing more and more work from observing the real thing rather than relying on photos.  For me that is a MAJOR step forward.  Not to say I won't use photos but I guess I'm no longer bound by that as I was in the past.

Maybe that almost 75 Day Sketch Challenge (notice I said almost.....snicker) has helped in ways I didn't expect.  :-)

This first is the last bloom that is fading on my Mother's Day lily given to me by my eldest son and his wife.  I included the remnants of some of the other blooms that once accompanied this last one.

And yesterday we planted these marigolds in front of the house.  Two different varieties of yellow with maroon markings (at least here I spelled it right - I think) - one being a single and the other double.

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