Monday, June 27, 2011

Violet Comparison - Fuchsia Study

Just so I could see a comparison with my own eyes side by side using Perm Aliz versus Quin Rose, I completed this fuchsia study.

Personally.......I'm just not a fan of using Daniel Smith Perm Aliz.  I'm sure it would have its place but there's just something about the violets or purples it mixes I just don't care for.  Of course it might not be the pigment but the one mixing and applying it to paper (in all fairness to the pigment itself).

I like the brilliance of the Fr Ultramarine and definitely like mixing that with Quin Rose as shown in an earlier post.  And while I was playing with the two reds, I decided for the fun of it to try Phthalo Blue (Green shade) with Quin Rose.  Again........I'm quite surprised with how those two mix together.  I would expect a duller or grayer outcome.  Of course compared to the Fr Ultra side by side though, it does look duller.

I'll keep playing!


Spiritartartist said...

Yes, as I said before, the DS P.Aliz. appears to have yellow in it.

Susan Bronsak said...

Think I'm going to scrap the Perm Alizarin and replace it with Quinacridone Rose. I understand it's a great replacement for the Alizarin and I love the quinacridones!

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