Friday, September 28, 2012

Few Pages from Stillman & Birn Alpha Journal

Back on September 21st, I shared a page from my S&B Alpha journal using pen/ink.  Since that day I discovered the ink in the two pens I was using was not waterproof and decided to go back over with a damp/wet brush.

This page is where I was playing with my new Pilot Prera and Lamy Safari pens.  The Lamy came with a blue cartridge I decided to go ahead and use.  Then I will add the converter with Lexy Gray.

Here are the results taking brush to ink:

Here is another page in my journal book I completed of dogwood leaves that are turning color and the seeds:

My scanner normally does a decent job in picking up pigment colors nicely; however, sometimes it doesn't.  The blue on this page didn't scan very well leaving off the more subtle (light values) areas of blue.

This page has at least one good mishap where I goofed in judging size of beak.  But once ink is down, there's no going back and fixing (or erasing).  I am practicing sketching without a pencil.

This is the page I was working on when I discovered the Lamy Safari ink was water soluble.

Top sketch is from a photo taken while visiting my sister in Rockport, TX  I love capturing wildlife sitting on posts and piers.  Not sure why but it's just neat to look around and see the various type birds perched on whatever they happen to come across.

The leaves are from my granddaughters as they are always looking for things to bring me to sketch/paint.

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