Monday, March 18, 2013

Is it Sprint Yet?

Stillman & Birn Alpha journal

W&N watercolors:  Raw and Bt Sienna, Light Red, Scarlet Lake with touch of Aliz Crimson, Cerulean Blue and touch of Cobalt plus Neutral Tint

#8 Round

Today is just one of "those" days.  Gray, icky, rainy, cold and just plain depressing.  We were supposed to get a couple inches of snow but it turned out to be rain and freezing rain.  If given the choice, I'd rather it be snow but at the same time I'm truly ready for warmer weather and sunshine.

I'll also be happier when this nasty flu bug Terry brought back with him from Mexico runs its course and goes away.


Melody said...

Love your bird, his red head gives a bright cheery spot! :)))We need that today!
We've got the snizzle, slush and icey rain up here today! Any time I'd rather have snow ~ slush just soaks into the fibers of your being and makes you cranky! :(((

Susan Bronsak said...

That nasty weather kind of went around us although we did end up with a gray rainy day. Today is sunny though but extremely windy. Wonder what's going to blow in on us next!

Thank you for your comment :-)

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