Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Last year I came across this garden gnome ornament on Amazon and just had to get it.  It sits outside my bedroom window and lights up at night.  It's a solar light where the hats light up at dusk.

It's a daily reminder of when my youngest and I sat each day and watched David the Gnomes children's show.  I loved that show as well as the Lit'l Bits.  They both held beautiful messages passed on to children that today's shows seem to lack.  I'm glad my three sons were young at the time they were and when TV hadn't quite reached the ick we see today.  I see what my granddaughters watch these days and it makes my skin crawl :-(

Stillman & Birn Epsilon journal
Platinum Carbon pen and Black ink
#8 Round
Daniel Smith:  Fr Ultra, Perm Red, Aliz Crim, Raw and Bt Sienna, Bt Umber, Indigo, Sap Green


Melody said...

Don't remember David the Gnomes, but I'm sorry I missed it! I remember the smurfs!?... and Tom and Jerry and their kind... T.V. is far scarier now...all the way around! Now I mostly watch PBS channels~ :))
I do adore little gnomes, both "real" and the garden statuary variety! :) I really enjoy your style ~ I fear I will become a pest here in your comment section! ha ha

Susan Bronsak said...

Oh YES.....the Smurfs and Tom and Jerry. I still watch Tom and Jerry when I want a good laugh and return to yesteryears. We have quite a library of old cartoon shows :-)

Pest?? No way! I welcome the comments and interaction with people. Your kind words are appreciated.....thank you!

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