Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Downtown Fairmont - On Location Sketching

I'm not one who normally goes out "on location" for various reasons to work on my sketching.  I envy those who do and love the Urban Sketching Groups all over the World.  Just amazes me and something I really want to work on personally....getting out and sketching my little part of the world. 

I've driven through town several times seeing wonderful subjects to sketch but parking is a problem with most areas metered.  And for me walking around town is not an option.  BUT, yesterday I had a dentist appointment showing up early and found the perfect opportunity and spot to do some sketching.  It's not the building structures I've seen I'd really like to sketch but at least it's a part of town and I actually did it "on location" :-)) 

From the lot across the street from my dentist, I sat in the car and sketched what I saw to the right of me.  I only had about 15/20 minutes before I needed to get inside. 

Worked with mechanical pencil in the Stillman & Birn Epsilon journal while sitting in the car.  After returning to the house, I used my Pilot Prera and Lexington Gray ink and defined the pencil sketch.  Then using Daniel Smith watercolors and #8 round, added some watercolor to the area I wanted to stand out. 

I really enjoyed doing this and want to do so again!!!  Might not be perfect but it's definitely recognizable to that little piece of world I reside near and travel through to get anywhere.

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