Sunday, September 1, 2013

Creepy Crawlies

Although these don't quite have that "creepy" characteristic I place on ticks and stink bugs, I still don't like ants......especially in the house. 

We've been battling these little pesky crawlers for the last two weeks in the kitchen area.  Haven't been able to locate the source but it seems we almost have them under control.

Nothing like leaning on the counter and realizing you have hitchhikers crawling on you >:-/

We didn't have any bug spray but I did find Windex zaps them just as easily and without that horrible insecticide smell.

Isn't it funny how we as people as big as we are can be so squeamish or uncomfortable about something so small???

Alpha 4 x 6 journal alternating between the Platinum Carbon with black ink and the Uniball brown black.

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