Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Sketching Frenzy

I seem to be in a sketching frenzy these days.  After sitting and thinking or questioning about this surge I'm experiencing, the answer is actually quite simple..........I'm trying to keep my mind occupied with something positive.

It's been four months now since Terry was laid off work.  Severance pay has ceased and his 26 weeks of Unemployment is soon to come to an end. 

At almost 60 years old, purchasing his first ever home just last year, and not so far off from retiring, he loses his job.  Everything right now seems so discouraging.

I sit back and watch a normally optimistic, happy man  lose heart and experience emotional meltdowns as he tries to find work before losing everything. 

So why the sketching frenzy???   I'm leaning on my sketchbook journals to find some solace.  I'm normally the pessimistic worry wart but I'm trying to be positive to help him through this. 


Diane said...

I like your drawings. Often they are similar to what I do, pen and ink with watercolor. Sometimes your drawings inspire me to get out and do some myself. I do wonder which of the Stillman & Birn book you like best for your kind of sketching?
I send you my prayers for the hard times you are now going through. It is so difficult when everything seems to be falling apart. Although we are retired we did recently have our own version of "things falling apart" with one of our girls. Hope you can stay strong through it all. Anyway keep up your sketching!

Susan Bronsak said...

Diane......I so appreciate your words of encouragement........thank you.

It's difficult to say which Stillman & Birn's journals I like best. I like them all. And I basically work the same mediums in all of them. The Zeta and Delta allows longer drying where it's easier to work wet in wet but I still do the same in the Epsilon and Alpha.

I do like the thicker paper of the Zeta and Delta but find I can work both front and back in the Alpha. Not so with the Epsilon unless graphite used.

Not sure I helped much.

Thank you again!

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