Monday, January 13, 2014

January 12th Sketches

I actually have two to share for yesterday's journal entry.

This first one is recording one of the flowers in the bouquet Terry got me New Year's Eve.   I lost track of the days so "8" days is incorrect.  Should have read 12 days.  And they are still going strong as of today.  The leaves are withering before the flowers.  I've hesitated sketching sunflowers due to all the petals but decided I needed to break free of that hesitation.  There's still room for improvement but I felt good I managed this.  :-)

And this page is using the Noodler's Flex pen and Lexington Gray ink.  Shading was done with both pen and ink and graphite.  I was in the mood for some plain pen and ink with no color with this one.

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