Thursday, June 5, 2014

Birds and Blooms

I'm finally getting there sharing my most recent.  Both in the Handbook.

The Sand Hill Cranes are from a phone camera Terry took of these majestic birds in Florida.  They can stand as tall as 4 feet; mate for life; and have the cutest little orange fluff ball chics.  They are not afraid of people and you often have to stop and allow them to mosey on across the road before proceeding forward in the car.  They visit people's properties in the subdivisions.  In fact these birds were at our neighbor's in Florida and make the neatest call.

I was told this is typical.  While one feeds, the other will keep watch.

This next one is from an end piece I cut from our Clematis growing in the back yard.  I had to rescue the bud as one of the tendrils or whatever you call them had wrapped itself around the end of the bud.  After unwrapping that tendril, I set the cutting in water and all evening watched this slowly open.

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