Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Micro-Fish Tool

While watching TV last night, I leisurely sketched this little tool I carry when I go fishing.  It was sketched in my small Moleskine watercolor sketchbook using the Pilot Prera with the dry feeding nib and Lexington Gray Ink. 

When working very light plus the dry feed, it can be passed off as if using graphite.  Love the color of this ink.  With more pressure, the darker and more ink like it looks.  I find working with this pen and ink, it really goes well with graphite.

First sketched using the pen to include some of the shading.  The key ring gizmo is pen and ink cross hatching multiple times until I achieved the dark look.  Where I used graphite and blending was the light smooth finish to the fishing tool itself and the cast shadows.  A tortillion was used for blending.

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