Sunday, March 8, 2015

Personal Challenge - Portrait in Graphite

Normally I avoid portraits because of the need to get everything "just right" with facial features.  I was up all night and decided to give this a go.  This is my cousin's granddaughter Juliet.  And although there is much room for improvement, I was actually pleased it turned out as it did.

Strathmore Softcover journal and mechanical pencil.

The eyes are a bit on the large size but then Juliet has large beautiful eyes anyways.  And the hairline should be up further as her forehead should be a little larger.  But overall, I feel pretty good with this.

Unfortunately...........something I tend to goof on.............I misjudged size on paper.  I started with the eyes and worked from there giving this little angel a "hair cut" :-)

I used a stump to blend but didn't want to blend all my pencil lines out.


Jules Woolford said...

Beautiful - and those eyes! You've captured such life and expression!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you so much, Jules!

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