Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Quick Sketching Practice

Some days I still feel uneasy jumping in with pen and ink so I try to make myself practice with the hopes one day it will be easier and feel more natural. 

Sketches worked in the Strathmore Softcover sketchbook.

Building was sketched using a Uni-ball Vision Elite pen which is water soluble.  My intent was to just work the pen and ink but then decided to take a wet brush to it for some tones.  Then I ended up taking some watercolor to it.  I scanned after each......

According to the cap, the pen I used was brown-black.  Was really interesting the color when water was added to it.

Tonight I decided to practice more with people..........again pen and ink only.  And then working with a waterbrush adding some watercolor.  Pen used was my Pilot Prera with Lexington Grey ink.

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