Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Nomad Artist Satchel

I've held off writing about this only because I've tried very hard to like it and say all good things about it.  Unfortunately, it is not going to work for me.

When the first kickstarter came out selling this satchel, I was interested but wanted to wait until others had actually tried it.  Plus at the time it was a bit pricey for our financial situation.

A friend in one of my groups had purchased from the first kickstarter and decided it wasn't for her and offered to sell it to me.  Although interested, again bad timing.

At a later time, I had my name added to a mailing list showing interest should the Nomad be offered again and missed out on a limited supply that remained after the first kickstarter.

Then last year orders were being taken by those who were interested in pre-ordering a second production and I decided to go ahead and purchase even though the price had gone up.  The gentleman selling these Nomads was super good at keeping us all informed with updates on every step of preparation and production until months later they were finished and shipped out.

The concept is wonderful and if you really would like to know more about it, this link to their site would better explain it.  What I found to be a problem might not be for other folks.

And here is one of several videos showing the Nomad and what you can carry in it and how you use it.

My personal findings:

1)  The satchel appears to be made with good materials and craftsmanship minus an issue I found with mine I'll explain later.

2)  I find for me the satchel to be a bit on the heavy side even without anything added to it.  I can't even imagine the weight once it's loaded with materials I'd like to put in it.  But in all fairness, what might be heavy for one person may not be to another.

3)  Personally, I would have liked it better if a little roomier inside.  Even without anything in it, it's "full" just with the inserts.  Once art supplies are added, along with a paper sketchpad, it bulges.  So much so that I wouldn't want to take a chance adding an ipad to the outside padded pocket that is shown on site and/or in the video.  I would also worry about extended stress on the outer zipper over time and whether it would hold up or not.

4)  There are two inserts that have these bands (one on either side of the case...one with vertical bands and one with horizontal bands......that velcro to the inside front and back covers.  One side has the zippered netting that helps keep supplies in place.  Major problem with mine is the fact these inserts are cut too close to the overall size of the satchel making it difficult to zip closed.  The banded insert on the side of the zippered netting is too large for the area and to make it fit causes the center to buckle (won't lay flat).  Even then, I struggle zipping the netting without catching the edge of the insert.

Because of this buckling, anything I place on that side is going to be pushed into the other side where the sketch pad is.  To me that might present a problem marring the pad with dents or impressions, etc.  No way could I consider putting a thicker journal or sketchbook (which I would prefer over a sketch pad).

Not sure if all are like this or if only a few.  Maybe this second order production is different from the first because pictures I saw showed the inserts that hold the sketch pad and supplies to be smaller than the overall case.

5)  I love the fact it has the tripod adapter plate and I love the idea of the sling making it into a portable table.  Unfortunately the most important aspect of any satchel is being able to take the materials needed when out sketching on location and for me it's not going to work with the satchel I received.

This photo is one angle showing the bow or buckle with the insert in place.

Second photo with it laying flat on the table surface and how it bows.

Shows just how close the insert fits compared to the overall size of the satchel and zipper.


I'm actually sorry I spent the money for this.  Great concept but............falls short for what I need and to my liking.

I actually prefer the Darsie Field Bag over this and it's less expensive.

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