Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Inktober 2016 - Days 10-12

Still hanging in there with the daily challenge (which surprises me).  19 Days

Day 10 - Chose to use one of my Lamy Safari fountain pens.  I had checked the cartridge that was in the pen before starting and 'thought' it was full.  Proceeded to do this sketch and found it kept skipping.  I thought maybe it was just the paper.  Then I thought to check the cartridge again.  It looked full but when I took a syringe to pull out ink to see how much was in it, it was basically empty.  That explains the skipping.  Decided to change over to a converter and filled fresh Lexington Gray ink in it.  Viola..........wrote beautifully on scrap paper.

 Day 11 - My Birthday.  Decided to d a little quick sketch to represent that.  I meant to put six candles (representing 10 years each) but was side-tracked and forgot to add them.  Oh well, I can just say it was subconsciously wishing it was truly 4 (x 10) :-) 

Day 12 - Boy did I bite off a bit too much with this one using the technique I chose to go with.  It's a pattern from an outdoor garden statue.  I used the Lamy Safari with the XF nib and proceeded with nothing but dots (stippling).  Not only did this take a very long time to reach this point, my poor hand was aching.  My eyes grew very tired working these dots on a 3 x 4 inch much so my eye sight was blurred even wearing glasses.  I should have taken a few breaks but I just wanted to get it done.

I could have refined this more but I had to stop myself and call it done.

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Ginny Stiles said...

Dots, dots, dots.m GREAT!

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