Friday, October 21, 2016

2016 Inktober Days 20 and 21

Two more to add to my monthly collection......

Day 20

Thought I would comb through photos I took in 2010 when visiting the UK.  One of the things I loved seeing were all the various chimney pots and often more than one on top of a roof.  I learned they are made of terracotta and are named depending upon design.

Day 21

With my working in such a small sketchbook/journal, I am finding I need to wear these just to see what I'm doing.  I start out OK but then my eyes get tired rather quickly blurring so bad I can't tell what I'm doing.  This is when I have to resort to wearing these head magnifier glasses.  

Even working on a larger scale, I will at times have to wear these if sketching for any long period of time.  It's mainly when working pen and ink and having to hatch or crosshatch large areas.  I don't seem to struggle as bad when painting.

The least there's something made to help us at times like this so we can continue what we love to do (as kindly stated to me in a group I'm in on Facebook).  Not something I thought of on my own but so makes sense to me and glad it was pointed out :-)

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