Monday, October 17, 2016

Derivan Liquid Pencil - Testing

After working the lamp last night, I wanted to play a bit more testing a few things with this liquid pencil.  Also tried out the other colors received.

This time I worked in the Stillman & Birn Beta Journal.

I have to say this stuff is really nice!  I just love how it goes down on paper.  I even played a bit wet in wet just to see what it could do.

The 'pigment' (if you want to call it that) is of course heavy so with wet in wet it's not going to move very much.  Kind of like heavy opaque watercolor pigment.  But it did produce a nice effect.

Here is the page I worked showing:

1) values created two different ways;
2) how it handled lifting with a damp to wet brush and erasures after completely dry;
3) wet in wet example applying water first;
4) how pen and ink with fountain pen would behave and look drawn over top of a shaded area - light and a bit darker.  I wanted to test that because I've often experienced problems using a fine nib fountain pen drawing over graphite or pencil lines.
5) samples of the other three colors - red, blue, and sepia

Here is the enlarged wet in wet example.  LOVE the granular look to this!  Reminds me of Daniel Smith Lunar Black watercolor paint.

****Noticed after you see the large chick or duck hiding under the tree????  :-)****

Larger examples of the three colors...

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