Sunday, October 9, 2016

Inktober 2016 Days 5 - 9

I'm a bit slow posting these with all the craziness with Hurricane Matthew.  First passing us and then on up the coast where I have family to include my husband being in Fayetteville.  They got hit really hard even for being inland.

I'm lucky I even managed the sketches but here they are :-)

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9 - Up until today, I have used ONLY pen and ink with no pencil guidelines (not mandatory with Inktober but my own set challenge along with the daily sketching).  The gun itself is all pen and ink but when I came to the shadow, I used a light pencil guideline to help with placement before jumping in with ink.


SusanA said...

Susan, I'm glad you can sketch during this stressful time. I especially like the Native American medicine bag. My husband and I had to evacuate on Friday from South Carolina. Thankfully, we had a home (in Ohio) to head to and didn't have to forage a hotel room to wait out the storm. I'm glad Matthew passed you by, and I hope your family remains safe and your husband gets home okay. The potential for coastal rivers flooding in the aftermath is worrisome.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks Susan <3 ..... Hubby made it home late tonight after a really long day of travel. He had to go three hours out of his way to I75 instead of taking I95, dealing with roads closed due to trees down and flooding as he made his way to I75. The interstate was also heavy with some evacuees heading back south. But he's finally home now.

I so hope all is OK when you return to your home in SC. It's heart breaking seeing all the damage that's being shown and I'm sure there's more than what we actually see here online.

Have safe travels home!!!

SusanA said...

Glad your hubby got home safely! We actually live in Ohio and were vacationing on Kiawah Island last week. We held out until late Thursday in the hope that Matthew would turn out to sea but eventually evacuated at 1 AM Friday morning. That turned out to be a good time to leave, as there were very few people on the roads, and we made good time coming home. We've seen a few pictures online of Kiawah. There doesn't seem to be much structural damage--just a lot of flooding, beach erosion, and tree loss, and most of the docks and boardwalks were destroyed. Other communities were not so lucky, and, yes, it is heartbreaking.

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