Monday, October 17, 2016

New Medium - Liquid Pencil by Derivan

For my birthday, my friend (I consider a sister) from the United Kingdom, sent me a package of four jars of re-wettable Liquid each Sepia, Blue, Red, and Gray #9.  There are two other colors you can get - another Gray and a Yellow.

Tonight I thought I would try out the Gray #9 in my hand sewn journal made up of Fabriano Artistico cold press watercolor paper.

Because I've been challenging myself with pen only in the Inktober Challenge I'm working, I thought with this I'd go straight in with medium and a brush.  No guidelines.  I figured if erasable and rewettable, I should be OK should I make any major goofs.  With that mindset, I felt relaxed and found that really helped sketching this out.  I used a very diluted mix with initial laying down of the liquid using a #5 round.  I worked this in layers going darker and darker.

With the FA watercolor paper, I found the liquid pencil to behave just like watercolor having to take care not to lift the previous layer when applying a darker layer on top.  Otherwise you lift that bottom layer and have to let it dry and start again.

It blends beautifully too.  Lifting is a breeze and how dark you can go surprised me.

When I was working the lettering to the right of the illustration, I goofed on one of my letters and with a wet brush was able to lift it right off, let it dry and proceed to place the correct sign of correction.

I did try to erase an area already dry as a means of lifting highlight but found the eraser I was using wasn't working so well.  Not sure if eraser or if because of the type paper I was using.  This is something I want to test out on various paper surfaces and different erasers.

This was really fun to use.

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