Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 30th Sketches

January 30th was a productive day for me with sketching.  Felt great!

This first is another exercise using the Blue Gray Derwent watercolor pencil to put in a light sketch.  Next came the watercolor painting and final touches with pen and ink. 

I am finding I really like using the watercolor pencil for laying in a light sketch.  It's not easy to erase

Photo reference source from Paint my Photo / Max Hemingway.

Worked in the

This is one of the places my daughter in law and I drive out to doing house inspections (foreclosure properties).  Worked pen and ink plus wash.  I kind of misjudged on where I started ending with the edge of the house kissing the edge of the paper :-/  I might do this one again with watercolor. 

Generic Sketchbook with Pilot Prera and Namiki water soluble ink.

Still in the mood to sketch/paint, I grabbed two toys that are favorites amongst my dogs.  Each has their all time favorite with Smudge liking stuffed remains to chew on; Yorski loving the rubber chicken; and then Miya just loves to play..........mainly with rubber toys you can toss and she runs after but also loves  the stuffed toys now and then to shake or play tug of war.

Zeta sketchbook with Pilot Prera and Lexington Gray ink.

This next one I basically was after a pen and ink only using a Micron 01 Light Brown pen.  After I was done, I was in the mood to add a little watercolor just to add some extra zing to it.

Photo reference from Paint My Photo / Pauline Gough.

Worked in the Zeta Sketchbook

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