Thursday, February 20, 2014

Trying a Regular Gel Pen

This is a little sketch I did in the Generic Sketchbook trying my regular writing gel pen.  It's a Uniball Signo 207 pen.  I've been using this type pen for years as I love how it writes.

Sketching with it wasn't quite what I expected.  It wanted to skip on the paper.  Although the pen still has at least half the ink left in the cartridge, it's possible due to age the ink might be a bit on the dry side.  I may have to try this again with a newer pen as I know other people who just love it for sketching.

And just for fun, I tried something a member in a group I'm in often does with his pen and ink sketches.  He will paint up a sheet of watercolor paper with various colors and then using photoshop merge the image of the painting and his ink sketch. 

Here are two I did looking a bit different depending upon how I turned the watercolor image.

This one the pattern looks like a heart around the bear :-))

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