Monday, December 5, 2016

Desert Rose - Still Hanging in There

You remember the post where we received a desert rose that was damaged?  Well it actually bounced back and was growing really nicely until several leaves developed rust spots causing several leaves to drop.

Still trying the save the plant, I brought inside hoping the dryer air might help.  It's been so humid outside and the plant was already sick when it got here.  I've placed it in the Sun or Florida room with southern exposure.  I can only keep my fingers crossed now hoping this helps and not do it in for good.

Thought I would try something different after viewing a couple videos.  One was mixing color pencil and watercolor and one was about slapping on color loosely and then adding details and some texture using color pencil.  Well this is neither, actually, but tried a few concepts from both videos using watercolor and watercolor pencils.

With this I used a water brush loosely (if you can call it that) blocking in the main shape without much fuss.  The idea is to capture things quickly.............suggestions for those who go out and sketch and paint in the field like sketch crawls and urban sketchers.  Well..........I can't say I actually managed to be any quicker.  In fact I found myself working at the same pace or possibly slower (maybe because the concept is not one I normally follow).  I will probably have to practice this more before I can say it helps to speed things up.

Worked in my hand sewn journal / Fabriano watercolor paper.

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