Sunday, December 3, 2017

Holiday Wishes

We are well into the Holiday Season now that Halloween and Thanksgiving is behind us which can bring happiness as well as frustration to many if not most folks.

To help in maintaining peace of mind and one's sanity........any Christmas shopping you plan to do........I suggest to do so from home (sorry, local businesses).  

* NO idiot drivers to contend with
* NO parking woes
* NO long lines at the stores
* NO fear of being robbed walking from       stores to car (or vice versa)
* NO people looking for money at every       store entrance
* NO grumpy rude people to endure

I prefer to be a hermit this time of year because of all the things just mentioned and stay put in the SAFETY of my home!!! 

Here's wishing for you all a safe, fun, stress free, healthy, 
2017 Holiday Season. 

Holiday card created with Procreate sketching of one of my vintage snow people.

1 comment:

Ginny Stiles said...

I'm with you and have steered clear of most malls and shops.
We send $ to the kids as we are not with them enough to even have a clue what to buy.
And I do shop and make things for my sister but mostly online things.
Love the little sweet card...
Hope to get back to sketching again after the holidays.
You are an inspiration.

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