Thursday, May 31, 2018

Testing Watercolor Papers

Recently I ordered sheets of Fabriano Artistico Soft, Strathmore 500, and Stonehenge Aqua to do some experimenting for future handmade journals.

I've learned that Fabriano Artistico Cold Press has changed and my feelings for it have changed as well.  It used to be my #1 favorite.  Now I'm trying to find another paper that comes close to the characteristics I loved about the FA Cold Press of years ago.

Here are examples of my playing.  Way too soon to say a whole lot about the papers and my feelings.

Strathmore 500 Series 140lb:

Fabriano Artistico Soft 140lb (haven't worked too much with this paper yet......more to come)


larry said...

Glad to see you doing these tests. I bought several packs of FA a couple years ago and I'm quite happy with it because, for me, it's a decent paper and the CP is smooth enough to keep my fine fountain pens happy. I was disappointed to hear comments from people about the paper changing as I've only recently started using my stash with any regularity. Not sure what I'll do when I run out. Maybe your tests will show the direction. Thanks.

Susan Bronsak said...

The CP is definitely toothier than it used to be. The Soft Press is closer to how the CP used to be but appears softer with less sizing making it difficult to lift pigments I've been used to lifting with no problems. I'm now leaning more towards Strathmore 500 but want to play more with the Stonehenge before deciding which I prefer if I make more journals.

I like doing these tests especially when my mind is not into doing any serious sketching. I feel I'm still being

Windy Horses said...
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