Monday, August 6, 2018

Calusa Hummingbird Bush

Yesterday, Terry went to Lowes and picked up a few plants.  He found Curcuma being sold again with darker pink flowers than the one we bought four years ago (and still going strong).  Plus he found another beauty called an Orange Torch Ginger. 

One of the plants he actually went after was a Firebush and picked one up to place outside the front window where I sit and where we have a pole with three hummingbird feeders hanging.  We're having good luck this year with the hummers. 

I sat outside under a beach umbrella to sketch these two areas of the Firebush.  The umbrella was just below the hummingbird feeders and as I was sitting under neath, I could see the shadow and hear the hum as one was brave enough to come to the feeders while I was there sketching.

Sketched with a Micron 005 in the Fabriano Venezia journal

Writing was done with a Micron 02 pen. 

1 comment:

Ginny Stiles said...

Your botanicals are amazing. So detailed.
I have a bush in FL we call a Firecracker looks awfully similar to this and hummers love it.
I wonder if we are just calling it by the wrong name?

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