Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Japanese Yew

This shrub is growing as a natural fence along the border between us and our neighbor.  Our neighbor calls them Japanese Plum Yews.  He told Terry that all parts of the shrub are poisonous except the actual fruit.  That there is a lady who collects them and makes jam out of the fruit.  However, according to Floridata, even the fruit is mildly toxic and should not be eaten.

The shrub has long flat needle like leaves but soft to the touch.  Not so prickly as other yews/pines can be.

Worked in the Stillman & Birn Beta journal using W&N Indigo and New Gamboge for the greens; DS Cerulean Blue and Sap Green for the seed; and W&N Scarlet Red, Aliz Crimson, and Indigo for the fruit bulb

With this one I decided not to use pen and ink.

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Ginny Stiles said...

A lovely botanical .

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