Saturday, July 2, 2011


This started out as a gesture sketch to quickly get features and form down on paper.  From there I went on to define more in detail.

I used a Derwent Watercolor pencil (Indigo) this time.  What I like about using a watercolor pencil for sketching is 1) the fact it doesn't smudge like graphite; and, 2) I can take a damp to wet brush to it if I later want to add additional tone.  Just keeps a door open for me should I choose to do more with this.

When I pulled this up in Photoshop Elements to rescale for web viewing, I was in one of my moods to play and experiment.  Using a Wacom Tablet and pen, I went on to digitally paint adding color splashes for more texture in the fur, adding color to emphasize the eyes, and adding a color border for more impact.  You will notice I changed the background from a plain white to where it looks like it was done on a piece of fabric of sorts.  This also added some texture to the cheetah.

This was fun and I really like how the eyes turned out. 

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