Friday, July 8, 2011

My Present Journal Books

Thought I would share the various journal books I'm working in right now.

The Langton is a 7 x 10 spiral - my top choice for watercolor but I've found I enjoy using the Moleskine and the Hand-book for watercolor as well.  I like the texture in The Langton.  It's difficult to find in the States so normally I purchase from SAA in the UK or purchase during visits and bring home with me.

Moleskine - their large watercolor which is like a 5 x 7.  Some people like these and some don't.  I happen to like the paper for sketching and watercolor.

The Hand-book - 5 x 8.  This is a new book I'm trying out where I saw it recommended somewhere on the internet.  I'm liking it for mixed media.  It takes wet media rather well which is surprising to me.

Walmart Mini Lined Notebook - 3 x 5.  Dedicated to my 75 Day Sketch Challenge using pen and ink only.  I'm almost finished with the number of pages in it.

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