Saturday, July 9, 2011

House Wren Quickie Sketch

I'm on a roll right now knowing I'll be tied up over the next few days.  As a break to practicing painting a poppy flower, I decided to do this quick sketch of a house wren.  What prompted me to do this was witnessing a mom and dad flying back and forth with nesting material in their beaks one minute and empty the next.

We kept seeing them fly from around the side of the house to the front......landing on the railing or deck flooring and then to the right of the window and back again to the left.  They had to be going a short distance and couldn't figure out where they might be building their nest.  Going outside to investigate, I found where they were going.  Right under our noses building a nest smack dab center of our hanging fuchsia plant.

Hubby was going to remove it saying they could build elsewhere and I asked him to let them be as I'd really like to see what transpires.  It would be great if they lay eggs and baby bobble heads appeared in the near future for watching and photographing.  So hopefully they will continue if watering the plant doesn't disturb them.  Time will tell.

This is in the Hand-book journal using a Med Wash (4B) pencil on it's side with a little more detailing final touches with the point before scanning.

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