Monday, July 18, 2011

What One Family Member Did with My Artwork

How many people do you know would take a painting you did for them and have it tattooed to their body?  Talk about making one feel on top of the world and reinforce what they do as being truly worthy of the time and effort put into their artwork.

This is from a painting of two lilies I did for my sister-in-law - "Sissy"  It's not 100% exact to the painting for obvious reasons due to limitations of detail with tattoos; but, it's close and definitely recognizable and a reminder of the painting I did for her years ago.

Anytime I might be feeling low and question why I bother with all the time and effort drawing and painting (which does happen from time to time)........all I have to do is visit my "Sissy"  What she did has to be the ultimate sign of approval and love for what I do.      :-D

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