Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fabric Folds Challenge

A subject I seem to struggle with happens to be fabric folds.  I understand the concept but for some reason applying that on paper is another story. 

The following is where I set myself a personal challenge to work on folds.  One reason I chose to do this challenge was after I attempted the scrunchie Eeyore is wearing.  I was a bit squeamish with the fold shading......especially in pen and ink.

My first practice is mostly with a mechanical pencil in the Generic Sketchbook.  One illustration I tried with pen and ink as noted.

Next I chose a hand-made doll I use to make years ago as gifts.  Made of a clothes pin, embroidery thread for the hair, hand-sewn dress and pipe cleaners for the arms and hands.

Worked in the Generic Sketchbook using a mechanical pencil (HB).  I felt a bit more confident this attempt.  Blending is so much easier depicting the folds with pencil.  I still want to feel better using pen and ink so I see more practice in the near future :-)

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