Sunday, December 15, 2013

In the Mood for some Pencil Sketching

My latest sketch using the Generic Sketchbook and Derwent water soluble pencils - used dry.  I even managed to think about scanning along the way.

1)  Using side of 2B pencil lead - rough outline

2)  Using a stump to blend the inner lines and start some shading.

3)  With 4B beginning the detailing with the pointy end and blending as I go.  Re-emphasizing the areas I want to stand out with the pencil again.

4)  After working the rest of the garlic with the 4B going back and forth between pencil lead and blending with the stump, I used an 8B point to bring out the one garlic I wanted to stand out in front.  I also used the stump to shade more of the other pieces to push them back a bit.  If I lost any of the white to make the front garlic bulb pop, I used a putty (kneaded) eraser to bring back the white of the paper.

Now why did I use three different pencil leads?  I have no clue.  I could have started with one of the darker pencils but I worked this the way I did for no real apparent reason :-))

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