Thursday, June 29, 2017

Always Test Company Claims - Uniball Pens

One of the things I've learned the hard way is to test the claims companies make about their pens / inks being water resistance or waterproof.

Perfect example is the Uniball Vision Elite roller pens saying the ink is water resistant.  Well with that term I would pretty much count on some bleed.  Only one color of the five I have stood up ok to a quick swish of water applied.  See left page.

The Uniball Vision Needle is what really gets me.  Right on the barrel of each pen is stamped WaterPROOF.  Now tell me...........what does the example below on the right page say to you?

ALWAYS test your pens and inks on papers you normally use before doing any serious work......especially if you plan to use washes with your ink drawings.

On a positive note.........these pens would be ok if after a wash effect........except maybe the red pigments?

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