Monday, June 5, 2017

Playing with Rocks

Last Friday at the Leesburg Art League Open Studio, we had a presentation by Gail Bannock on rock art.  She shared several examples from full painted landscapes to mandalas she had painted over the years and how she went about it with rocks found or purchased.

I already had an idea before Friday of what I wanted to do and worked on one that day.  But my goal was to create four to represent coffee types.  I'm a big coffee drinker from morning till bedtime or hot green tea.

The idea came to me after a friend of mine (thank you, Ginny) sent me a photo of owls with someone labeling each to fit the looks on their faces.  The photo was sent after my making comment in an email that I wasn't quite awake and needed some caffeine.

These were a blast to paint!!!!  I'm the one in the back............LOL

Now I want to figure out a way to display them holding little signs of what coffee type they are.  I'm thinking possibly using a clay saucer lined with Spanish or sphagnum moss (like a nest) and hot gluing these standing up.

1 comment:

Ginny Stiles said...

THESE are adorable!!! And you are welcome for the jump start on the owls. You did a super cool job on them. I picked up a few rocks on my travels with the idea that I might try something too. What did other people do that day?

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