Tuesday, July 4, 2017

75 Day Challenge - Days 37 and 38

For these two sketches, I used another Lamy I have that was loaded with the original blue ink cartridge that came with it.  The ink cartridge was pretty much used up / dry so I added Lexington Gray ink to it.  Some of the remaining blue mixed with the gray.

The blue ink is water soluble and will bleed if a damp or wet brush hits it.  The gray is waterproof.  It was interesting to see what might happen if I took a damp brush to the outer lines of the dog with the mix.  I love the results.  This has happened to me before using a Tombow black marker pen.

Both worked in the S&B Beta journal.

The ceramic dog is all white but reminds us of Miya....our yorki-poo .... when she was a puppy.  The only difference between the figurine and Miya is the mouth.  She always looks like she's serious......not smiling like the figurine depicts.

Here is one of the mummified brown anoles I have along with three eggs that never hatched.  The mummified lizards were found where they dried up being trapped between screen and window.

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