Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day Trip to Barberville Pioneer Settlement

Yesterday, Shari Williams and myself went to Barberville, FL to check out this historical site representing "Old Florida".  Barberville Pioneer Settlement is a neat place!!!!  It was super hot and humid so we basically just walked around going through all the buildings and taking lots of photos we can use to sketch/paint from.

At some point I'd like to go back with Terry as I'm sure he'd love it.  And it would be a great place for our art group to meet up and sketch and paint on site.  Definitely want to wait until it's a bit cooler!!

For now I have a page in my hand sewn journal showing the map of our trip.  I plan to sketch/paint from some of the photos here in the near future.

Thought I would try my hand at copying computer font styles I liked but using pen and ink.  The fonts I copied were Gigi and Viner Hand.


Giddings Art said...

I love your map! I'd like to try this in my journal to remember the places we have been. I'm sure your sketch group would love this place!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Giddings Art :-) As for the maps.........I've actually been thankful for doing these as I've had to refer to them from time to time as a reminder to where we've been.

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