Thursday, July 13, 2017

75 Day Challenge - Days 45 and 46

With these two days of sketching, I've tried to loosen up a bit.  Be a little "sketchier" than I normally tend to be.

Both in a cartridge paper sketchbook from the UK which is like blotter paper to wet medium.  If you don't move the pen quickly, the ink will blob and spread or feather.

Day 45 - Quick sketch (which for me is a "little" different than loose) where I try not to fiddle but instead attempt to get down on paper quickly but as accurately as I least proportions.

Day 46 - Quick Loose Sketching ......... allowing my marks to be carefree, choppy, or wonky but still resemble what I'm sketching.  I wasn't really concerned with accuracy so much as just looking like a lucky bamboo plant in a container.

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