Tuesday, August 1, 2017

75 Day Challenge - days 60 through 65

75 Day Challenge - all worked in the Stillman & Birn mini sketchbook (Beta) using a Lamy Safari and Lexy Gray ink.

Only 10 more days to go!!!

Day 60 - This was done at a sketchcrawl last Friday.  Decided to splash some color on this one.

Day 61 - This was a total botch job of another building I saw during the sketchcrawl last Friday.  I knew it wasn't going well soon after I made my first few line strokes.  But I decided to go ahead and continue as a lesson for myself.

After I was finished with the page, I scanned it and then with photoshop elements made changes as a visual aid on how it should look (or at least come close).

Day 62 - Still playing with stuffed animals.......lol.

Day 63, 64, and 65 - Decided to revisit some of my past sketches but using ink only  to compare with those sketched using pencil guidelines before taking ink to the illustrations.  Of course I'm slower with ink only than I would be with sketching with pencil first.  But as mentioned in a previous post, my confidence level has improved (at least a little bit :-)


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