Friday, August 11, 2017

75 Day Challenge - The FINAL Three Days

Although some days I struggled to do any sketching, I managed to once again achieve this goal without giving up.

This is actually my third go with this challenge.  I met the first one years ago back in 2011, tried again a couple years ago giving up around Day 20 and again this year.  I was determined not to give up this time although in reality I WAS tempted.

Day 73 - This one took several hours (off and on) of what I first thought was a huge bee.  Turns out it's called a Florida Bee Killer which is truth is a fly.  I first worked on the bee and then the pole.  What took so long was all the detailing ...... particularly the stippling.  But I found it to be quite relaxing rather than tedious.

Day 74 - Quick sketch of a fox seen at the Homosassa Wildlife Park

Day 75 - FINAL Day - Sketch of two young boys playing at Homosassa Wildlife Park.  One had a zip lock bag of what looked like popcorn.  The other was busy climbing the rocks :-)  With this sketch being the last of this challenge,  I decided to slap some color on using watercolor.

For the complete gallery of all sketches for this challenge can be viewed here:


Ginny Stiles said...

The insect/stippling one is amazing, Susan.
I have not really tried that technique. Would like to watch you doing it!
Very effective and impressive!!!

Susan Bronsak said...

Stippling for some people is seen as monotonous or boring. I find it relaxing and with ink pens is very simple. Just dot. I find it's a great technique for value control. Thank you, Ginny!!!

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