Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Procreate - Serious Attempt at Adding and Blending Color

As I continue researching all I can with the Procreate app, watching videos, and testing out what I am picking up.......I decided to try a more serious attempt at adding and blending color.  My goal is to make it mimic watercolor (not oil or other mediums) because my favorite paint medium is watercolor due to its transparency.

I used one of my 75 Day Ink Challenge sketches for this attempt.  I've yet to work through the pen brushes to my liking in Procreate.  I have much better control with a fountain pen on paper.  Anyways......I decided to import this sketch I did for the challenge and add color using Procreate.

This was challenging and lots of fun.  I found a brush I purchased in a package download I like created by another artist which blends colors together beautifully.  The brush is called MattyB-ink-wet_blend brush.  And I chose to use an airbrush - medium hard brush that is one of the default brushes in the app.  Another default brush used was a texture brush labeled "Water" which I used in the background and same brush selected as an eraser.  You can use the brushes by stamping the stylus or by moving it across the screen like you would on paper.

There's a smudge tool in the app but I definitely prefer using the above mentioned blending brush.  To me there's more control over the blending process.  I would stamp color on and then run the brush across the screen to blend it in short choppy back and forth strokes.


Ginny Stiles said...

Okay. So you are doing this on an iPad?
You are using Procreate software?
Then you are using the stylus/pen you bought from Apple?
Then you downloaded an app that has brushes?
THIS is really hard to follow Susan! WHEW.
If I tuned in just today and didn't know you had an iPad I would be totally confused.
Well I am confused anyway.

I wish you had more than one blog post showing at a time.
I know I have a scroll down of about 10.
Is there some reason you are only showing one?
I know I can click on older post but that is another click...not as convenient.

Susan Bronsak said...

Yes to Ipad; yes to Procreate software; and yes to the Apple Pencil. The app has about 120 built in brush choices you choose depending upon the look you want with the mark the brush makes. You can find individual or packaged brush sets either free or to purchase for a small price. And you can make your own brushes. Each brush has like 25 settings to tweak that gives a different feel and look. Then you choose size and opacity.

Procreate is extremely feature rich and there's a lot to learn using it. And as I get a better handle on the app, there's the knowledge that here in the next few months there will be more to learn with a major update.

As for the number of posts showing.......not sure I understand. I have it in settings to show three days worth on a page. There may be quite a bit of scrolling depending upon how large the post ends up being or how many posts within a day's time. I'm kind of confused too.......lol.

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