Monday, September 10, 2018

Another Crazy Fantasy Sketch

This one is from a squash or some type of vegetable our neighbor gave us last week.  He's from Taiwan and calls it a pumpkin. 

I chose to work the sketch using a bit of imagination but this time with more thought as I worked as follows:

The hat idea is from where I have been sketching wilting daisies from the flowers Terry brought. 

The head came from thinking of a garlic bulb or strawberry.

The worm or snake from where we like to fish plus we have a few little black snakes out front under our shrubs. 

I think the spider idea might come from all the jumping spiders I see when I take Miya out back.  Plus I like certain spiders thinking they are cool (like the Orb Weaver).....especially their webs.

As for the pocket and little squash .......... I remember thinking I wanted to add "something" to the body of the squash to dress it up a bit.  I was stuck for a little while wondering if or what I wanted coming out of the pocket.  To keep it simple, I just copied the shape of the squash.

And for the stem looking arms added (arms or legs thinking about the fact fruit and vegetables are often plagued with insects while growing), I wanted some of the hands to be holding something.  I wasn't sure for awhile just what that might be until it came to me we eat vegetables so why not add the utensils.

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