Monday, September 3, 2018

Where Is This Stuff Coming From??

I'm still in the doodling mode these days with this one born from looking at a photo of our downtown Leesburg.  I have no plan when I start these and amazes me what turns out sometimes.  Truly makes me question what's hidden up inside my

I started out with the clock which looks like an owl's face at the angle view in the photo.  From there just looked at the different components in the photo and just let my imagination go wild and hand making marks. 

This next one was worked tonight since I couldn't sleep.  I (for whatever reason) chose to start with my hand and just went from there.

Working these, I have no idea why I go with any particular shape but instead just start making the marks and seeing what comes out of them. 

My favorite is the little tassel man I ended up with mid bottom.

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