Monday, September 10, 2018

Quick Sketch of our "Baby"

Miya is a Yorkie-Poo with quite a unique personality or character.  She doesn't quite take to other animals but loves people.........especially children.  And she's definitely one spoiled little dog!!!  We picked her up at 7 weeks old almost 10 years ago.

Her mother was a Silver Poodle at 12 lbs and her father was a Yorkie at 4 lbs.  Miya weighs right around 11 lbs.  She was almost totally black when we got her but then shortly thereafter the other colors started coming in..........silver, tan, light brown, white, etc.  Her fur is silky soft and wavy and she likes sitting in my lap as I trim her fur with scissors to keep short and on her face to keep out of her eyes (I do her grooming).  It's our special bonding time.

She's definitely Terry's and my little "baby" :-)

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