Sunday, December 9, 2012

Country Mail - Pen and Ink

Here is Day #7 so far with the pen and ink sketching.

Unlike living in town or city, our mail boxes are along the main road rather than in front of our houses.  We sit on top of a steep hill off of a gravel side road, up a steep gravel/dirt curvy drive with our mail box in amongst a nest of boxes at bottom of hill.  It's about 1/4th mile from the house.  So for us, watching for the mail is no longer something to look forward to.

Plus out here there's confusion between physical address and mailing address.  Mail is put in wrong boxes or returned as undeliverable.  Many of the rural routes are being given actual names and that too causes confusion for the mail carriers.  Lots of fun :-((      So we've gone paperless with most of our financial statements and the rest is re-routed to house in town where two of my sons live.  I may check our mail box out here once a month and normally just full of junk mail.

Sketch done in no-brand-name sketchbook with Pilot Prera and Lexy Gray.


Sandy Sandy said...

OMG _ It sounds like a nightmare I just had last night! All the boxes were moved and clustered together in-between all the sparsely spaced homes here. I had to walk a 1/4 mi. to our box and it was stuffed with other people's mail! LOL!!

Susan Bronsak said...

This time of year is definitely a bit rougher, I'm sure, for the postal, extra junk mail, etc. I don't even attempt having packages sent to us UPS or Fedex. Who knows where they would end up!!!! I'm sure the trucks would also have a horrible time coming up the hill unless they have 4-wheel drive. As for you getting a box full of other people's mail.......I feel for you........especially after making that hike to the box LOL!! The joys of country living :-))

Jude said...

I'm not sure if I could live that way since I look forward to my deliveries (art supplies). Your mail box sketched reminded me of mine I did a while ago. Just outside the area where I live there are mailbox clusters and have always been favorite photo shoots for me. Now I paint them too!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Jude for the comment!! And it's definitely taking me some getting used to having my mail and packages sent to my son's house. Then trying to get over there to pick my goodies up :-))

Mail boxes make a neat subject to sketch and paint.......especially those in a country setting. It's amazing to me what people come up with as posts to hold their mail boxes up with.

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